Atlanta Weight Loss Testimonials"I lost 29.6 pounds during the program and I went from a size 24 to a size 16. Its really really awesome!"

I've probably spent thousands of dollars on other diets. I've always been overweight even as a child and this is truly a program that offers results. You start seeing them the first week. My first week I lost 10 pounds, and even though you still feel like you're big because you just have that mindset, every week you lose weight consistently. You have to follow the protocol, but if you follow everything correctly, you exercise, you drink water, eat the right amount of calories, you will lose weight, and it stays off."

"The only time I found it difficult to follow was when I was in a situation where I was around food that was not on the protocol. I really feel like if you're gonna do it, it has to be something that you make up in your mind, that you're gonna do, and that you take the time to focus only on yourself and not focus on other people if at all possible."

"I would recommend this to anyone who's ever been in the rut of not being able to lose weight and has been stuck in the same place for a long time. But you have to have your mind made up that you really want to be successful in losing weight."

Cris, 27
40-Day Program

"This diet is actually great. Its for anyone, if you stick to it. Its very challenging. The first 2 weeks were very tough for me, however I didn't give up. I was about to but I kept pushing myself harder and harder and I didn't give up, and after 2 weeks I got used to it. I did what was asked of me to do. I really loved it because you eat a variety of foods and you did not get hungry at all. The results are phenomenal if you stick to the diet. It really pays off in the long run. Anyone who wants to do this diet, really go for it, however STICK TO IT because it really pays off. So far I have lost 31 pounds and went down 2 dress sizes."

"I would do this program again in a heartbeat. I have been referring people left and right to this program."

Luda, 40
40-Day Program

"My girlfriend lost 30 pounds in 40 days and she looks fabulous!"

Karen, 26
40-Day Program

"I've lost 9 pounds in my first week!"

Melissa, 26
40-Day Program

"I've lost 47 pounds. The experience was great. It was not difficult. I'm wanting to do another program with a goal of losing another 40 pounds!"

Candace, 45